Founder BuzzingCities Lab. Project Lead Brazil, South Africa, India

Julia Jaroschewski is an investigative journalist, political scientist, researcher and founder of BuzzingCitiesLab. After working for the United Nations in New York or the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Mozambique she moved into the field of journalism and worked as a multimedia reporter for Deutsche Welle and N24. Today she reports as a foreign correspondent, reporting on foreign policy, crime, the War on Drugs and security issues for media such as Die Welt, Spiegel Online or Wired Magazine. She has analyzed the drug war and policing strategy in the context of the World Cup and Olympic Games in Rio Janeiro for several years.

Julia Jaroschewski is an alumna of the Robert Bosch Foundation`s program “Media Ambassador India – Germany” and has spent three months researching topics such as drug policy in the border region with Pakistan. As a scholarship holder of the German Academic Foundation’s Foreign Journalism Programme and the Dr. Rita and Alexander Besser Foundation, she has reported from Brazil and South Africa, and was awarded the research prize of the Foundation World Population for a report on child abuse in Mozambique. She was also part of the International Journalism Programs (IJP) for Latin America in 2016, based in Brazil and worked for the Brazilian media group O Globo.



Founder BuzzingCities Lab. Project Lead Mexico, China

Sonja Peteranderl is an investigative journalist, researcher and founder of BuzzingCities Lab. She covers global politics such as the drug war and surveillance, tech trends, security, justice and organized crime/cybercrime. She has worked as a senior editor at Wired Germany magazine and reported as a freelance foreign correspondent for German media such as Spiegel Online, Wired, Zeit Online, Impulse magazine or journalist magazine from Latin America, the US and China. She graduated from the Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS) and has received several grants for her international investigations.

She is a fellow of the Bosch foundation`s “Media Ambassadors China – Germany” program, Otto-Brenner-Stiftung/Netzwerk Recherche, the foreign journalism program of The German National Academic Foundation/Besser Foundation. As part of her scholarship of the Otto Brenner Foundation she investigated cybercrime and how Darknet markets and other digital channels disrupt traditional drug trade and pose a new challenge for investigators. For Stern Online she commented regulary on Cyber & Crime, her weekly column “CrimeWatch” for WIRED Germany also focused on crime trends in the digital era.


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